Posted by: jonespt | March 20, 2008

Why Seattle

I have friends and family ask me all the time, “why Seattle?”  So I go through the story for them and all our reasons for moving, and inevitably, I’m asked the same question by the same person a short while later.  And the thing is, I don’t blame them b/c such a big move in my current state of living (no money, new baby with hopefully more to follow soon, great church, surrounded by great family, etc.) doesn’t make complete sense and I too keep asking myself that “why” question.  So, I’m just gonna provide a little explanation for those who wanna know as well as to once again convince myself this is the right decision.

It all started with a late night conversation between me and wife where I was explaining to her my desires to try something new and different, something that is out of the status quo for my life, and it mainly revolved around wanting to live somewhere new and exciting.  I felt this way (and still do) because as much as I love being here in Memphis and love all the family and friends that I have here, it’s the only thing I’ve known.  I did move to Mississippi to go to a small private college for 4 years, but my environment there was more or less similar to what I had always known in regards to types of friends, type of weather, type of churches, type of Christian education, etc. and so that didn’t really count for me as living in a different place that brings new experiences, challenges, mindsets, landscapes, and opportunities; and that is what I want.  Also, I just want to be somewhere where I can look out my frontdoor and see a mountain or picturesque lake or the ocean or something other than the nothing I have to look at here in Memphis (and the Seattle area offers ALL of that, plus snow skiing!!)

So of course you’re reading this, and are probably thinking to yourself, “man, that’s kinda selfish to move your wife and child away from all they know and love just for a new experience.”  And on the surface, I agree with that conclusion, and as me and Emily chatted that night, I thought that was all we were really doing.  My point in voicing my thoughts was not to really seek a change, but just to tell Emily what I was pondering over.  But my wife, being the wonderful woman that she is, listened and understood where I was coming from and suggested that we just keep our future open towards moving and that we “look into it” in a kind of nonchalant way.  I was thrilled that she said that b/c she didn’t just write off my desire as some wild, never-gonna-happen idea and leave me hanging.  So major props to her.

So from there (and this is the short version), we started off with “” (I have a link on this blog) where it asks several questions about your likes and dislikes in regards to your ideal place to live (preferences towards weather, culture, job market, family-friendly, etc) and then it matches up your answers with your top 25 places to live.  It was a lot of fun and I recommend doing it to see what the survey says.  So, my number one place was Tacoma, WA (just south of Seattle) and Emily’s was Spokane, WA (few hours east of Seattle) with Tacoma coming in 3rd.  So, that’s how we first landed on the Seattle area.  I then started researching the physical therapy scene in Seattle just to look for fun, but as I did, I found that it is a hotspot for the exact kind of PT that I want to practice in (orthopedics with a focus in manual therapy).  Plus, I found in the clinics I was hoping to work for opportunities for me to receive the best kind of post-graduate education and mentorship in my profession (mainly through an Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship).  Then, through a myriad of steps, God opened so many doors and lead us to so many people that just clarified that this is where God was leading us.  I mean, it was just random things that happened (that truly were providential) that convinced me and Emily that God was opening this door for us.  I analyzed every aspect of this and kept praying for God to open or close doors according to what He wanted, and every step lead us to Seattle.  I then flew up there in January to interview with several clinics and get a feel for the area.  I received a job offer from my #1 choice (and dream clinic), and we made the final decision a few weeks ago that we’re gonna do this thing.

So I know that God has prepared a place for us there and that this will be an incredibly transforming experience for us, and not just because I will get the chance to grow so much professionally, but also because we’ll be in a whole new environment that is different from the Bible-belt South that I have always known and away from our safety net where God is going to challenge us so much and in that, show us that He is faithful to take care of us, and that is what my family needs.  When we look back on it years from now, I know we’re going to see this was just what our family needed and just where God wanted us to take us into a deeper relationship with Him.



  1. GO FOR IT! I think this was the absolutely BEST decision yall could have made!!!! and like you said, God confirmed it in so many ways and gave you a peace about it. I believe, that for God-honoring, Christ-centered christians who are growing in their faith, GOd will give peace or turmoil to their hearts when they are trying to make big decisions and are actively pursuing God’s wisdom – i see this a lot in Proverbs. As for people who are not growing in their walk and arent honestly seeking God on a decision, i’m not always gonna “trust what their heart tells them”, too many emotions can cloud things.

    so i think God is going to great things in your marriage, in your family, and in your lives as you move to seattle, and yall are gonna have a stinkin BLAST!! – just one thing…take Kim and I with you!!

  2. I think that this is awesome that you continue to challenge yourself. Don’t ever change that about you man. You will be missed, but in your departure you will be understood (for me at least) as to why you are leaving. Thanks for sharing this.

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