Posted by: jonespt | July 7, 2008

Safe christianity

Well I’m tired of my conservative, safe, comfortable Christian life.  I’m tired of never taking God’s Word literally but instead talking myself out of following Jesus in the way He prescribes b/c I don’t want to step out of my comfortable and safe life that I’ve constructed and entrenched myself in too much to find a way out.  I’m tired of listening to a teaching from God’s Word, believe the Truth in it, think of ways of how I might could apply it in a literal way, and then forget about it hours later.  I’m tired of thinking of a neat, possibly even radical way to serve God with my life or time or money, and then just let it fall by the wayside.

Now before I go further, I need to confess that I’m choosing my words carefully here, and I’m referring to “tired of”.  Notice I didn’t say “I’m ready to do it diffrently.”  Oh no, that would actually entail changes in my life, and since I’ve become so accustomed to ignoring radical christianity or actualy tangible expressions of living out my faith, then I’m sure I’ll just mull over this feeling for a short while and forget about like I forget about a Sunday sermon.  Yeah, that’s my predictable pattern and I don’t know why this will be any different.

I’m thinking about this now b/c I just heard Gib, my teaching pastor, teach on money (from 2 Cor. 8:1-15) this morning and parts of really spoke to me and revealed areas in my life where I want to apply the Truth from these verses.  Mainly the Truth that God owns everything and that God asks everything from me, not just part of me (i.e. not just my 100%).  And though I’ve known this, it’s never really taken root in my life in a practical way.  And since I’m on the brink of starting my career and actually earning a real pay check for the first time in my life, I really need to deal with this now before it’s a few years down the road and I’ve set up for myself and my family a way of living that is comfortable and safe and I won’t want to change b/c I’m too use to living it in that way.  I don’t want to slip into a decision-making mode whose filter is one that doesn’t have the foundation of considering God’s desires and the fact that He asks everything from me.  In short, I don’t want to use my new paycheck to continue a “safe” Christian life b/c I’m scared I’ll never get out of it.

I mean, I can kind of envision a life where I don’t use my religion to hold me back and sit in the stands but actually take God up on His promises and His proclamations and live a life that leans on Him in such a way that if He doesn’t come through for me, I’m screwed.  I want to give abundantly and in return see God provide abundantly.  I want to actually verbalize the Gospel to co-workers and neighbors and not just “live it out” in front of them which is what I’ve always done b/c I think just “living out” the Gospel without telling it is lacking.  I mean, I’ve always subscribed to the method of just being a good example in front of my peers in hopes that one day, maybe someday, they’ll ask me about why I’m “different” and that will spur us on to good conversation.  Really, it’s just the scaredy-cat way of going about it b/c I’m too sissy of a Christian to just come right out with it.  And yeah yeah yeah, I know that building a relationship with someone is important and a good first step (I guess), but still, I’ve done that and I’ve found myself getting so use to our relationship where Christ doesn’t come up that by the time we’ve gotten to know each other well enough for me to talk about Christ, I’m so use to not doing it that I find it even harder to get into it.  All that to say, I just wonder what it’s like to actually being an ambassador for Christ as 2 Cor. talks about.  Again, I envision it being pretty cool where I’ll actually see God working miraculously in my relationships, but oh well, that’s not for safe-ole me…

Well, I hope I can use this new move of mine to try and learn to live out my Christian life-style in new and possibly even radical ways that I’m too scared too try now or too used to my comfortable ways of doing things that it’s too big of a leap to do.  And hopefully, if I do, even if it’s just in a few small ways, I’ll get such an incredible taste of God and His character and see how He actually moves in my life in tangible ways that I’ll become addicted to it and never want to turn back.



  1. I admire your passion and I hope the move helps to get you out of the passiveness and the religion we have created and put our faith in. You’re awesome and I will pray for you often that God will deliver you (and me) from ourselves, our religion, and each other…to Himself so that we have something firm to stand on and therefore reflect to others through our actions. Love ya man

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